Category : Shopping

October 1, 2014
at 5:15 pm

Last Minute Outfit Ideas

So you have to go somewhere but let's face it you were too busy watching Netflix and didn’t realize how late it got. Now you have to rush someplace but have no time to get ready. How about some suggestions from your own wardrobe to make last minute dressing up much easier and fun! Let’s... more

September 17, 2014
at 4:14 pm

Add Neon to Your Outfit

Neon’s are synonym of joyfulness, fun and brightness and these colors perfectly fit this description. If you are thinking of wearing neon’s but aren’t sure of your choices this blog will give you a nice overview... more


Having a boyfriend is such a hard thing, isn't it? According to me keeping a boyfriend is as equal as killing your freedom. Instead of going in a relationship with a guy why not go in a relationship with clothes or shoes? I am sure they give much more happiness than boys can. Easy shopping: The... more