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Who needs boys when you have shoes? Shoes are there for you, they make you look good, and they make you feel beautiful in your own feet. Shoes are sturdy and reliable, not to mention shoes make good eye candy. What else does a girl need? I have come to a conclusion, after years of shoe shopping... more


Everyone wants to walk in their own shoes and believe me you want to have a big closet for your shoes. I’m the one who goes out for shopping and never come back without buying a pair of shoes. Are you the same? I know you are and you should be. Whenever you are going out for party you want to... more

April 11, 2014
at 5:10 pm

Black is Beauty

Black is the color of beauty for every woman. It gives that sensational look to you that you can’t find anywhere else. My closet is full of black dresses, shoes, bags etc because it gives me an elegant look. Black knee length dresses are the perfect choice for your perfect date. You can find... more